values and principles

Professionalism, independence, integrity, reliability, honesty and discretion are our fundamental values when advising clients. In everything we do we are guided by our client’s best interests. 

Our expertise, experience and contacts are available to all clients. That also obliges us to avoid conflicts of interest. Therefore we are completely transparent to our clients about mandates from potential rivals. 

We are fully committed to our clients’ interests, but always maintain the necessary critical distance.  Our advice and recommendations are always impartial.

efficient communication strategies

communication needs and crisis management assistance

individual media training

We regard ourselves as advocates for our clients in all communications matters. We help clients develop the right strategies and content, and ensure this content reaches the defined target groups. That includes topic management, Social media strategies, Corporate social responsibility strategies and mediating and maintaining media relations.

When dealing with a crisis communications situation, it is essential that organisations and businesses have a plan in place ahead of time so they can react and respond immediately, thus preventing the situation from getting out of hand. We assist you to establish  the proper structures that enable you to react swiftly and consistently. And of course we assist you whenever you need.

Media training is a process that prepares executives, spokespersons or other members of your team for all kind of media interviews. We work closely with you to refine messages and interview techniques for specific situations. We help you understand the principles of effective communication and the specific needs of journalists. Our media training sessions include a series of rigorous on-camera interviews and critiques to make sure you are prepared for any media situation. 

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